Feel in control with the study planner that organises your time for you.

Everyone's talking about it.

Adapt is a planner like nothing you've ever seen before.

It takes into account everything you have to do each day, and automatically organises and structures it for you – so you always feel in control.

How it Works

Add your to-dos

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Work set by school, independent study, even passion projects and self-improvement.

Add complete SAT, ACT and AP prep plans- for free

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Add complete SAT, ACT and AP prep plans – for free Adapt comes with all Standardized Testing content pre-programmed in.

Get told when to get started

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Adapt notifies you when it's time to start each task, so your time is structured and organised.

Stay on Top of Standardized Testing
Full prep plans for:



AP Exams

Topic breakdowns included

To Do

Organize your day in less than a minute

With all of your to-do's, school work and additional study plans in one place, you can easily plan and prioritise your day with just a few taps.


Get complete breakdowns for every standardized test

You’ll never be unsure if you’ve studied correctly for a standardized test again. All SAT, ACT and AP content in one free app. We’ve got you covered.


Stay organized with everything in one place

Add any school work you're set, give it a due date, and feel confident that it'll be organised into your plan.


Always stay up-to-date as the algorithm re-plans for you

Anything you don't get done today will be re-scheduled- so you always stay on top of your to-do list.


Get motivated as you track your progress

Every time you tick off a task, Adapt tracks your progress and displays it on a beautiful graph.