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  1. 1Our award-winning revision timetable app monitors your students' progress
  2. 2Feeds it forward into smart teacher planners which do your long-term planning for you
  3. 3Keeping you on top of your work and in touch with your students

"I love that it’s so easy to use. It does the thinking for you in terms of prioritising your time which takes a lot of pressure off you."

Neema, Maths NQT
  1. 1

    Tell us what you teach.

    Adapt’s Smart Teacher Planner can handle any mix of subjects, yeargroups and exam boards.

  2. 2

    Long-term plans, created instantly.

    Thinking long-term shouldn’t take a long time. Adapt’s Smart Teacher Planner comes pre-loaded with specification breakdowns for all UK exam boards, so it can make perfect long-term plans in less than a minute.

  3. 3

    Never take work home again.

    Instantly create a homework and marking timetable to make sure you’re setting, collecting and marking work at set times every week. Make time work for you, and get back that work-life balance you’ve been missing.

  4. 4

    Oversight and Insight.

    See your students in a new light with our teacher dashboard’s actionable data. Perfectly differentiate lessons with direct, up-to-date student data on each topic, and download progress reports to evidence your impact.

  5. 5

    Impact reports direct to your inbox.

    Get a perfect snapshot of your classes’ progress delivered to you every week, month, half-term or term. See at a glance where you should be focusing your energy... without having to red-pen mark 300 exercise books.

"The preparation and data gathering is a ‘full-time job’ in itself. Adapt does it all for you, it does it immediately, and it does it in a very presentable and beautiful way."

Balli, Deputy Leader for KS5 Teaching and Learning

All this… for £15/year

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Adapt Head of Partnerships Hussein El Fadel

"Technology will not replace great teachers; rather, it is a tool in their hands."