How I planned my revision (a guest post by @studygram104)

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Planning Revision: @studygram104 (guest blog)

Now that the school year is drawing to an end, students must begin to plan for the next school year, I’m going to tell you about my past revision plans and how they have succeeded and how they have failed.

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Early morning study sessions

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My revision timetable experiences

Hello everyone! I’m an anonymous study blogger who has an Instagram (@studygram104) and a personal study blog. I also do book posts and lifestyle posts. In the past I have created revision timetables on Microsoft excel, that were colour coded and had specific times and dates. I used them to plan weekly study sessions. I used to try and stick to the timetables but I always lost track of time. Also I didn’t always have my timetable, which made it even more difficult to remember when I needed to start revising something. This is a part of Adapt that I’m most excited about! Having an app that will always be with me (as I never go anywhere without my phone) will be so helpful, and I don’t think anyone else does that.

Using the Adapt app to plan your revision

I have been following the Adapt Instagram account (@adaptapp) for a while and I am very interested in their app. I have been emailed a prototype of the app and I absolutely love it. I think the idea of a productivity revision app is amazing. The app tells you everything you need to do for each of your subjects (it’s all written by teachers and exam specific, so you know you’re revising the right topics), and it puts it all into a digital timetable for you in the app. What’s even better is you can reschedule tasks if you run out of time.

#Try studying in different places

I usually study I different places so I need to have my study timetable with me all the time so I can keep on track with my work. When I’m working in different places (whether that be in the library, school, a coffee shop etc.) I usually lose track of time and having my phone with my timetable so I will be able to keep track of time.

Make sure you’re planning downtime!

I used to forget to plan breaks so now I allow myself 1 hour study and a 10 minute break in between, so make sure when you’re remembering, also the team at adapt app told me you will be notified when each session starts. I hope this has helped you see what mistakes I made when planning and how the adapt app will help me with my past issues. Thank you for reading!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found this helpful!

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