How to connect your Adapt subjects with your classes/teachers

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This guide will show you how to connect your Adapt subjects with your classes. By doing so, your teachers will be able to see aggregated, anonymous data about your confidence ratings so they know which topics you most need them to cover next.

This is article 2 in a series about how to set up your Adapt for Schools account, so if you haven’t read article 1 on verifying your school, do that here first!

How to connect your subjects with your classes

  1. Open the Subjects tab.
  2. In each subject there is now an Add a class button at the top of the page. Tap it.
  3. Search for a class by typing the code your teacher has given you for that subject. This is the same as your class code, which you may have on your school timetable.

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Great work! Now that you’ve connected your classes, it’s time to RAG rate all your modules. You can find out how to RAG rate your modules here!

What is Adapt for Schools, and how does it help you manage your time and revision?

Adapt is a new app which creates a personalised, exam specific timetable for you, for free. Adapt breaks down all your subjects into the modules and topics you need to know according to the specification, and spreads them out until exam day. And don’t worry- if you miss a topic, we’ll simply move it to another day for you! You can use Adapt to plan your revision, homework, and any other tasks you need to do, such as cleaning your room.

We’ve now launched Adapt for Schools, to help you and your teachers know which topics you do and don’t understand. In Adapt, you RAG rate each topic, which our algorithm uses to prioritise the topics you need to spend more time on. With Adapt for Schools, your teachers can see the anonymous, averaged RAG ratings of their entire class (so you never have to raise your hand and say you don’t understand something again!)

If you have any questions about Adapt for Schools, you can contact [email protected].

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