July update: How much of Beta is built?

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Hey everyone!

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have signed up to the waitlist so far. We’ve been completely overwhelmed by how many of you have signed up, sent messages, and helped us to share Adapt by telling your friends and teachers.

We’re so excited to finish building the app and get you all access, but in the meantime…

Here’s an update (in numbers!) of what we’ve worked on over the last month 💪

40 percent of the Beta app has been built by Will (our engineer) so far 🥳

adapt beta progress

21 new posts on the @adaptapp Instagram

(so make sure you’re following us on @adaptapp for some planning inspo!)

adapt insta

16 times that Will’s laptop has overheated while building the app 😂

This is him trying to cool it down with the fan 👇

william's laptop

9 new blog posts!

Check out my personal favourite: “How to revise based on your Hogwarts house”

adapt blog

7 meetings with investors that James (our CEO) has been on to look for funding for Adapt

Here’s what he shows them 👇

adapt pitch

4 new sets of business cards!

Let us know what you think of them 👇

adapt business cards

1 day off in the sun ☀️

Visiting Kenwood House at Hampstead Heath


We are so grateful for all your support, and we’re working hard to build the best possible app for you!

Watch this space for more updates, and if you have any questions be sure to DM them to us on our @adaptapp Instagram page.

-The Adapt Team (James, Maud, Sarah, & Will)

Not sure what Adapt is?

For anyone who doesn’t know, Adapt is a free revision timetable app coming this year.

With Adapt, all you have to do is tell us your subjects/exam boards and any pre-existing commitments, and Adapt will create a perfect revision plan for you. We have teacher-written topic lists that cover your entire syllabus, and we know your exam dates.

Beyond that, Adapt updates automatically- if you miss a topic, it simply reschedules it for another day, so you can be sure that you’ll get everything done by exam day without the guilt, stress, or countless hours of planning!

Sign up to the Adapt waitlist

Meet the team behind Adapt

Become an ‘Early Adapter’

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