Be a topic warrior: How to build an Adapt course!

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Build a new course for Adapt and send it to us!

Read the instructions below, or get going straightaway by downloading the Adapt Topic Breakdown Template

We’re constantly adding new topics to Adapt, with hundreds of new topics going into our database every month!

Sometimes we can’t get round to some courses – but if you have a course you’d like to see on the Adapt app, you can now make it yourself.

It’s very easy! Just follow the instructions below, then email us the topics. We’ll check them and upload them to be used by the whole Adapt community. Easy peasy!

Here’s how to send us a new course:

Step 1: Find a course spec

You need a breakdown of the whole course, into modules and topics. If you have a course guide, try using that. You can also search something like “A Level English Language AQA specification”, because most of the exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, etc) provide specifications as a PDF download.

Tip: Look for specifications that has all the topics, not just the ones you study!

Step 2: Download our topic template

We use google sheets to build our courses. You'll need a google account, and you can add a copy of the sheet template to your google docs using this link:

Access the template here!

We have lots of instructions on that sheet template -- follow the pattern and read the notes!

Step 3: Share the finished sheet with us

Instructions of how to do this are on the sheet itself. We look forward to receiving it!

Sharing it with us will notify that there’s new topics for us to check over

Step 4: All done! Wait for us to check and upload

We will go over your sheet first and upload it a few days later, notifying you and whoever else who might be interested in the course.

Give it a go! Be a Topic Warrior!

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