The revision timetable that does it all for you.

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Adapt is a revision timetable like nothing you've ever seen before.

It makes your perfect plan in less than a minute, and automatically keeps track of your revision for you- so you always feel in control.

How it Works

Add your subjects

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All you need to tell Adapt is what you’re studying and which board you do.

Have it planned for you

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Adapt’s algorithm instantly knows how many topics you have and how much time is left.

Get told what to study

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Adapt calculates the perfect amount of revision for each day, and suggests it to you.

Over 934 subject plans for you to choose from...

329 GCSEs

433 A-levels

202 BTECs

105 SQAs & IBs


Build your timetable in less than a minute

With all of your subject exams in our database, all you need to tell us is what you study.


Get specific topics to revise from for all UK exam boards

We have every exam topic in the UK in our database, so you don't need to find them.


Stay organised with everything in one place

Add homework, give it a due date, and attach it to a subject to keep your work and to-do list in one place.


Always stay up-to-date as the algorithm re-plans for you

We've automated all the boring, inflexible stuff with paper planners to bring you a relevant timetable.


Get motivated as you track your progress

Every time you tick off a task Adapt tracks your progress towards completing your revision and displays it on a beautiful graph.